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InAction: Interpretable Action Decision Making for Autonomous Driving

Jing, Taotao, Haifeng Xia, Renran Tian, Haoran Ding, Xiao Luo, Joshua Domeyer, Rini Sherony, and Zhengming Ding

Maximum Structural Generation Discrepancy for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

Xia, Haifeng, Taotao Jing, and Zhengming Ding

Augmented Multi-Modality Fusion for Generalized Zero-Shot Sketch-based Visual Retrieval

Taotao Jing, Haifeng Xia, Jihun Hamm, Zhengming Ding

Milestone! - Ph.D. Oral Qualifying Exam

Became a Ph.D. candidate officially

Adaptively-Accumulated Knowledge Transfer for Partial Domain Adaptation

Taotao Jing, Haifeng Xia, Zhengming Ding

Adversarial Dual Distinct Classifiers for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

Taotao Jing, Zhengming Ding

EV-Action: Electromyography-Vision Multi-Modal Action Dataset

Lichen Wang, Bin Sun, Joseph Robinson, Taotao Jing, Yun Fu

PSI: A Pedestrian Behavior Dataset for Socially Intelligent Autonomous Car

Tina Chen&ast, Taotao Jing, Renran Tian, Yaobin Chen, Joshua Domeyer, Heishiro Toyoda, Rini Sherony, Zhengming Ding

Towards Novel Target Discovery Through Open-Set Domain Adaptation

Taotao Jing, Hongfu Liu, Zhengming Ding

Towards Fair Knowledge Transfer for Imbalanced Domain Adaptation

Taotao Jing, Bingrong Xu, Zhengming Ding

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